Washroom Equipment

What is Washroom Equipment?

Washroom area are called Wet Areas in Indoor Spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, showers, (where you interact with soap and water) and toilets that are frequently used in homes, workplaces, shopping malls, hospitals, schools. The general nomenclature for water-containing volumes in a building (e.g. kitchenette, bathroom, toilet, area) is youthful.

Liquid soap dispensers, disinfectant dispensers, hand dryer, paper dispensers, dustbin, toilet brush, combination systems, accessories for the disabled, hotel and bathroom accessories, stainless steel and general equipment, urinals, toilet bowls, reservoirs, shower trays, shoe covers, face masks , hat cabinets, sanitary pads etc. The products are washroom equipment.

These equipments have many features. It includes products such as hand dryers, soap dispensers, sensor faucets, faucets, toilet brushes, bins and combined systems. Toilets and bathrooms are equipped with washroom areas to provide sanitary and functional use, especially in common areas such as shopping malls and schools. Almost all of these products are produced to provide hygiene and ease of use in toilets. Durable washroom area equipment made of stainless steel provides effective hygiene and provides long-term use. Washroom areas are an indispensable part of the WC system and should contain all the equipment that the toilet should have. In addition, different designed handles or fixtures have been developed for the disabled toilet system. Washroom space materials should be practical and, most importantly, easy to clean under all conditions.

What materials are washroom equipment made of?

Rapatek products are produced in Turkey with the best quality and the most affordable prices, committed from sustainable and durable stainless steel and brass raw materials. It provides hygienic use without the need for touching with sensor products.

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